GoPro 3-Way 2.0 (Arm, Grip, Tripod)


Experience unparalleled versatility with the GoPro 3-Way 2.0, the ultimate accessory for capturing your adventures from every angle. This innovative mount functions as an extension arm, grip, and tripod, giving you multiple ways to shoot and share your incredible moments. Whether you’re an avid adventurer, a casual vlogger, or a professional filmmaker, the GoPro 3-Way 2.0 is designed to meet all your needs.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 Design: Use it as an extension arm for capturing immersive POV or follow-cam footage, a camera grip for handheld shots, or a tripod for stable shots and time-lapses.
  • Adjustable Arm: The flexible arm allows you to adjust the length and angle, offering a wide range of shooting possibilities and perspectives.
  • Built-in Tripod: The small, lightweight tripod is stored inside the handle and can be quickly set up, providing stability on any surface.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The comfortable handle doubles as a lightweight camera grip, ensuring a secure hold even in challenging conditions.
  • Waterproof Construction: Built to withstand the elements, the GoPro 3-Way 2.0 is waterproof and durable, making it ideal for all types of adventures, including underwater filming.

Enhanced Usability:

  • Swivel Base: The new swivel base design allows for even more flexible camera angles, giving you the freedom to capture the perfect shot every time.
  • Quick Setup: Easily switch between modes with the quick-release base, designed for fast and hassle-free transitions between shots.
  • Compact and Portable: The foldable design ensures that the GoPro 3-Way 2.0 is compact and easy to carry, fitting neatly into your backpack or gear bag.

Perfect for All Activities:

  • Action Sports: Capture dynamic footage while skiing, snowboarding, biking, or surfing with the extension arm.
  • Travel Vlogging: Use the handle for stable handheld shots while exploring new destinations.
  • Stable Shots: Set up the tripod for steady shots and time-lapses during hikes, city tours, or family gatherings.

Shop Now:

Enhance your GoPro experience and never miss a moment with the GoPro 3-Way 2.0. This all-in-one mount is designed to provide maximum versatility and convenience, making it a must-have accessory for every GoPro user.


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